June 12th, 2006
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On The Market – Again


An update on the girl situation.

I did what everybody said I should do, just text her and see what happens. Well I did on Wednesday…..and I didn’t get a response until late Thursday. She was going to town to meet a mate, and I was quite welcome to come along. I had already told Jason that I was meeting him for a drink, so we decided to meet her and her mate.

Now, when I met her, she was hunched over the quiz machine. Now, normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but she seemed non-descript to see me, just a quick “hi, hows it going?”. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t much better, though I think the six pints difference in the amount of alcohol we’d drunk upto that point was showing (with me being on a zero), it was at that point that the blind admiration for her began to wilter. You know how it is, you’re in a relationship with some girl who’s completely unsuitable, a mate – whilst pissed – points out her shortcomings, you fob him off? Well, yeah, that’s what happened last week, and I saw her for – although a nice girl – completely unsuitable for yours truly.

So yeah, I’m back on the market again. I’m very impatient, and can’t be dealing with things being dragged out. In the beginning that what i kinda wanted – being single, though the fact that I haven’t seen any nipples for nearly 6 months is just beginning to bother me. Though at the moment, I’m kind of been put off women, at least for the next 30 odd days, anyway.

Now, as far as my daily updates on world cup action goes, I really wasn’t hugely into yesterdays games, which were Holland vs. Serbia & Montenegro, Mexico vs. Iran and Portugal vs. Angola, plus I was hungover, so I couldn’t really be bothered moving today. However, the World Cup link of the day goes to ascii-wm.net. This is really the first world cup that the games have been steamed over the internet, though these people have taken an interesting take, by putting it all in ascii…..



How fucking awesome is that? Okay, it looks a bit shit from the stills, but trust me, if you watch it, and sit far enough away, and squint your eyes, it’s like you’re there!

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