June 7th, 2006
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So Yeah, what DID actually happen last Sunday????


Well, I’ll tell you. Also I’ll explain the delay.

At around half 1, I toddled off to the Bay to meet her. She was on time, and we decided – against Guy’s advice – to play pool in the Toad Hall. Guy was right, after dominating the first game, I lost 3-1 overall. But meh, I let her win*. We then worked our way along the promenade going to random pubs. It came to around 5pm, in the Fynach, and I had to call it a day. My tea was in the oven.

Except I didn’t want to. I was in fantastic company, and the actual “me leaving” took a whole 3 hours, and 2 more pubs. Eventually, at around 8ish, I finally managed to get a taxi. We said goodbye, kissed, and hope to meet up soon, which should of been yesterday.

Now, the reason for the delay of posting is that since that fabulous sunday, I’ve heard very little, close to nothing. I half expected to never hear from again until a text message last night explaining herself and apologising for not being able to make the quiz.

I believe her. I think it’s me for getting so worked up. With both Sarah and Alyson, I think that I kinda rushed things along, and we spent a lot of time in each other’s company to begin with (Sarah because she was a great friend, and we were anyway; Alyson because both me and her had nothing going on at the time, so it wasn’t hard). She’s taking it quite slow, and that’s cool, just I’m not used to it.

I suppose I get worked up over nothing..I think she still wants to meet me. If not, c’est la vie – though I think I deserve it for being so uninterested late last week. I’m young, free and single. Got plenty of time to settle down. Least she doesn’t hate me (got so scared that she foundthat post that is no longer talked aboout), which far too many people do at the moment.

Anyway, feeling bad speaking about it on my blog (I haven’t told her about this place yet), so that’s all I’m saying about her now. World cup hyping/England bashing will begin again tomorrow!!!

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