Today’s the day! 5pm Proper Time it kicks off in earnest in Munich, and even the Americans are beginning to catch on. This morning, I had an email – from the Washington Bleeding Post no less – advertising their Fantasy Football Game. Somebody saw this blog and thought I’d be interested, and I was. However, it used such un-footballing words as “positive and negative averages” “team defense” and – at one point – “field goals”. Boo Americans! That’s why they don’t deserve to win. We don’t understand your armoured wank-ball, so we don’t pay any interest, so don’t pretend that you know football! You may be the fifth best team in the world, but that’s on paper, and Wales could probably beat you.

Still, was nice of them. But Im sticking to our league, so should you. If you haven’t joined, do so! It’s full of awesome people like me, and less awesome people too. Plus the forum’s getting quite a bit of action too!

In other news: anybody know where I can get a copy of old Virgin Radio shows? I am particularly interested in Russ Williams’ show yesterday. I’ll explain why if I get it, but I’ve tried the website, and nothing. Any ideas?

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