Welcome to another look back at Day 2 of the World Cup, featuring three games – England vs. Paraguay (which was dull), Sweden vs Trinidad & Tobago (which was dull) and the Argies vs. Ivory Coast (which was okay, though the shit ITV commentators absolutely bummed it). Here are my thoughts.

  • Firstly, whilst England won, they weren’t impressive. That being said though, the referee was against you lot something rotten. Serioujsly, Marco Rodriguez was so anal it was unbelievable (enforcing the little known “6 Second Rule”). Obviously thought it was his time to shine, away from his stellar credentials as a matador. His hair was hell of a greasy too! Jeez, I’m surpised this morning that the Americans have said there were WMD’s in his hair, the amount of Oil that was there.
  • Second point about the england game was the stadium. It was both the worlds most awesome and worlds worst stadium. Sure, it looked impressive, but the huge spider above the stadium really affected the colour balance on the TV feed! Sorry, geeky thing to point out, but it did! The other funny thing was one of Paul Robinson’s goal kicks struck the big screen, which is about 50ft in the air. I’ve got a pound on at 100-1 that somebody, before the end of the tournament, will get the ball stuck up there. If so, the crowd will have to employ the “rocks and big stick” method to get it down.
  • ITV, despite all their shit coverage, do provide an education on the World. For example, I had no idea people from the Ivory Coast are known as “Ivorians”. You learn something new every day.
  • Poor sod of the day goes to Bonnie, who my mum evilly contaminated and took a picture of.


    She then texted me, like a ransom note. Luckily later I manage to purify bonnie….


    Though shaken up by the ordeal, you’ll be pleased to know that she is okay.

    In other news, regarding this post: My search for Thursday’s Virgin Radio recording is proving fruitless. The only reason I asked to search for it was apparently, around half 10 Thursday morning, Russ Williams said something like “Thank you to Rhys, the website king from Colwyn Bay, who texted in to us, but you’re wrong.”. Now, I just wanted to make sure that it was “Rhys” that was said, because it wasn’t myself who texted in. I was just curious, but I can’t find the recording, so it’ll trouble me until the day I die.

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