June 13th, 2006
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World Cup Day 4 Notes – A Change In Allegiance


Before we begin on a recap of the fourth day of the world cup, may I just say thank you for the email response for the post yesterday. Now, not for all those people who thought “aww, poor Rhysie, I’m going to send him comforting words”. Oh no, none of you have that idea, comforting in my hour of need. Around 20 of you sent pictures of nipples. Man nipples, woman nipples, some nipples that were blantantly not your own, and one poor female reader with hairy nipples, bless her. Due to the fact that I live with my parents, I’m kind of wary of oppening 20 or so emails with “NIPPLES!!” at the title. I’ve now set up a redirection service, should you really feel the undescribable (and quite worrying) urge to send me nipples on my nipple amnesty. The address is nipples [at] gospelrhys [dot] co [dot] uk. I may print them off and stick them in a book, or something (what else can you do with 20 pictures of nipples? Before you ask, Flickr doesn’t allow nipples).

Right! Onto the main post, the World Cup, day four, and three big nations kick off, and my change in allegiance.

My change in allegiance came yesterday morning when I arrived into work, me and my boss had our amicable Monday morning catch up…

“We entered the inter-company sweepstake for the world cup, big prize as well.”

“Excellent, who did we draw?”

“I think we’ve got a chance, England.”

So therefore, my chart from last Thursday has gone completely tits up. England are now assuming the top position. It sucks, I know, but it is a lot of money if we win (we being the company, not England, who as a team I really don’t want to win). You happy now?

Onto some more notes.

  • I listened (as I was in work) intently to the Convicts vs. Japanese match this afternoon, probably because so many readers are associated with one of those countries. As I said, I listened to it on Radio Five Live. The stereotypical BBC had – representing the Aussies – Dr. Karl Kennedy from Neighbours. I’m hoping they get Antoine from Eurotrash when the French play.
  • Later on, in what was dubbed “The Battle of Budweiser: The ‘King of Beers’ vs. The Beer of Kings, the Czechkovians (dubbed by Gordan Strachan) beat the US 3-0. This result makes me very happy, as I hate the US team. It all stems from the second year of university, when I tried and introduce an Armoured Wankball Lover to the sport. He reported on a Liverpool game, which was a 1-0 win, and Steven Gerrard scored a “12 Meter Spot Kick”. Please.
  • Spoilsport of the day goes to Peter Crouch, who will stop doing the robot dance. Now, normally I wouldn’t complain: I think it’s stupid, and nobody is very good at it, but it gives the big guy some personality. It’d be like taking Orville away from Keith Harris. He apparently says that “He wants to be serious for the world cup”. Crouchy, you’fre 6’7″ tall, nobody can ever take you seriously!
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