June 10th, 2006
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World Cup – First Day Notes


Well, it’s been and gone, an awesome Germany vs. Costa Rica game and a rather dull Poland vs. Ecuador game. Here are my thoughts from the opening day’s play.

  • Firstly, they have introduced Fifth Officials for this World Cup. Why? I mean, it’s just taking the piss now. Referee makes the decisions, the linesmen assist the referee, the fourth official holds up the board for substitutions……what does the fifth official do? By the official definition, he sits in front of the TV, gives his view on proceedings, but can’t be involved in any decisions. Christ, half the nation did similar today, except they were less sober.
  • Boo to the Germans for spoiling their home shirt. It used to be awesome, with the 3 stars on their shirt (1 for each World Cup Win) being a different colour on their German flag

    Now they’ve changed it to boring old gold.

  • When the score was 4-2, I swear to god, I could of killed Johnathan “Robot Wars” Pearce if he said “ooh, it’s like 1966, though this time, the Germans are winning 4-2″. Go back to Sir Killalot, Pearce.
  • Speaking of shit commentators, ITV. Who’s bright idea was it to put Gareth Southgate in the commentary box? He conveys about as much excitement as Belgium in there. Sure, he’s on the money, but really, he’s like having that know-it-all old bastard who is in your local, sat right there!
  • After the football was World Cuppa on ITV4. After taking 20 minutes to find it, I can say that it is shit. Basically, for the unaware, after the world cup action has ended usually comes programs which are football-light entertainment. Fantasy Footbal was awesome, this is shit. Just trying to be Soccer A.M., but less football, more pictures of Warren Barton’s Penis.
  • Finally, ambiguity of the tournament so far goes to the “Official Search Engine of the 2006 World Cup” Yahoo!, who came up with this doozy on their website….


    MAKE YOUR PISSING MIND UP! Did they mock the germans, or do a bit of “The Crouch”? I don’t know, but they can’t do both. English football hooligans can’t do subtle satire with robot dancing.

    Right, tomorrow is England’s first game against Paraguay. You’d never would guess, not like it’s been on the telly much, has it? Anyway, I’m spending tomorrow pissed. So expect a very drunken Rhys on Sunday.

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