June 21st, 2006
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World Cup Late Group Stage Notes


Afternoon everybody, here are my thoughts on the last couple of days action in the World Cup.

  • Last night’s build up to the football was interesting, not least because of Trinidad & Tobago and Scotland. You see, in this world cup, many Scots have adopted Trinidad & Tobago as their team, largely due to three reasons: they play the English, they are the underdogs and – more speicifically – half the T & T team play in Scotland. Now, from speaking to a few Scots, they had genuinely adopted the Carribean Islands as their second home. Painful irony really, that in order to get through, they needed England to beat Sweden.
  • Except they didn’t. Sweden drew with England and England’s bad form continues against Sweden, as they haven’t beaten them since 1968. There were positives for England fromm that game: namely Joe Cole (who produced the best goal of the tournament that I have seen – still haven’t seen that Argies goal), Steven Gerrard and a first-half Wayne Rooney. But their defence (namely Campbell) was appalling at set pieces. That has got to be rectified if 40 years of hurt are to be avenged.
  • The other blow for England is that Michael Owen has been injured in the second most ugly looking injury in this world cup. The worst? Djbril Cisse in the build up for the World Cup. Best response was French paper’s “L’Equipe” said he was ‘Doubtful’ for the cup. My opinion? Well, see for yourself and draw your own conclusions…
  • After Shevchenko played awesomely last week, I caught up immensely in the Fantasy Football League. However, two stupid decisions (taking of the German Goal Machine Klose for bench-warmer Augustin Delgado and leaving Steven Gerrard off the pitch) meant that Shevvers hard work came to nowt. Ian is still leading, and Tom is occupying the position of my best friend (much as he hates it).

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