June 18th, 2006
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World Cup Mid Group-Stage Notes: England’s Performance


So as I mentioned yesterday, my level of World Cup watching has dwindled from “dangerous” to “mildly obsessive”. I missed the Mexico vs. Angola match, but I don’t think any of you care. My thoughts on the action which I have seen.

  • England are through to the last 16. That’s all that matters. Sure, it was not as easy a game as they thought it’d be, but they’ve 6 points after 2 games. After England’s dismal performances in past group stages, they’ve managed to dominate this group (albeit not on the pitch). They’ve already scored more points than the group stages in 2002, and equalled the points they got in the group stages in 1998, and that was after 3 games. That’s all that matters.
  • I watched the England game in the Ship in Colwyn Bay, which is a very nice pub with awesome food and a quiz machine that must have idiots play it. I managed to get out of work half an hour early, and – I’ll be honest – was dissappointed with the turnout at the game. Okay we are technically in Wales, but the amount of hoohah in the local press about business owners vs. unions was quite bad. Not the first time this happened: England vs. Switzerland in the Euros kicked off at 5pm, and – whilst a lot of people said that they were going to miss work – the pub was empty when I left it. I suppose the British Sickie is akin to the English football team: overhyped.
  • Another reason that the amount of the world cup action I’ve seen has dwindled is due to my job, as it has prevented me from seeing much of the 2pm kick off games. I’m sure that there is a conspiracy fronted by FIFA and the unemployed of this world, that the games at 2pm are a lot stronger than the ones later in the day. According to Wikipedia’s article, there have been 24 goals in the 7 2pm kick offs, 24 goals in the 9 5pm kick offs, and 13 goals in the 8 7pm kick offs. Plus, even in the low scoring games, I hear that they’re the most exciting games. But so far, the three best games of the tournament (Argies vs. Serbia with that goal, Aussies vs. Japs and Spain vs. Ukraine) have been on at 2pm. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.
  • Finally, the fantasy football league has been taking shape, with Ian pretty much dominating it at the moment, with token female lesbian Dawn in 2nd place and Tilesey in 3rd. Story of the tournament is Mike, who – despite not watching a game of football in his life – is taking 4th spot by a good margin. Questions are still not answered, such as: Can Vicky who’s on a 1 week handicap catch up? Who will win out of Sibley, Guy and Tom, the winner being promoted to the position of “my best friend”? And how in god’s name am I in shitty 14th?

Right, off to Maplin to buy some fun computer stuff. See you all soon!

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