June 26th, 2006
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World Cup Notes: The Second Round


Now it started: the business end of the World Cup. We’re half way through the second round already and Germany, England, Portugal and Argentina have booked their places there. No real suprises yet, but here are my thoughts.

  • I hate to say it, but I missed both the games yesterday through one reason or the other, so if you’re expecting a witty look at both the Germany vs. Sweden, or Argies vs. Mexico, you’ve come to the wrong place, sorry!
  • I did get to watch the England vs. Ecuador game, and – it was tense. I’m sorry, but ever since adopting England as my country for this world cup, I’ve been unable to enjoy their games. Although they didn’t play well, they’re through (though the second half was a lot better performance than the first). Also, David Beckham puking on camera has replace Michael Owen’s injury as the sickest thing in this world cup. England live to fight another day.
  • Now. Holland vs. Portgual. What a joke of a match! Four players sent off, and 16 yellow cards were dished out, and Portgual won 1-0 thanks to Maniche’s goal. But the real stories were the sendings off. Now, I thought that it was all a bit heated, and a bit harsh, and that the referee was very, very card happy. But coming online and reading some of the stuff, I see that many people think the opposite, that the players were fouling and the referee was right to book and send off all those players. As I said I’m not so sure. Nevertheless, Portugal are through and with two players suspended (and a possibility of a third if FIFA decide to suspend Figo, which Tom said can’t happen, but BBC can), England surely, if they produce a 2nd half performance over 90 minutes and Portugal played as averagely as they did against Holland (with their awsomely named centre foreward:
    Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink), must be eyeing a Semi-Final spot.
  • Finally, there has been the greatest comeback since Jesus Christ rose from the dead in the old Fantasy Football league. Last week I was in 14th. Today I sit in joint 6th spot. It would be higher if that idiot Deco didn’t get sent off. Dawn has taken over the lead at the top, and currently Tom is still winning the “Best Friend” League, though I’ve overtaken him now. I will be top on July 9th though.
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