July 8th, 2006
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Beautiful Betws-Y-Coed


Today, me, my mum, Aled and Bonnie took a trip to Betws y Coed, which is a small village in the mid, North Wales area, about 15 miles outside of Conwy. It’s very popular with three types of people: people who enjoy walking, people with Kawasaki Motorcycles, and school children. Seriously, if you did Geography to GCSE level in the UK, you would at very least talked about the “Honey Pot” that is Betws y Coed. I seem to remember one of my regulars actually visiting there on a field trip, can’t remember who though.

Part of Betws y Coed’s beauty is the fact that this village is by-and-large untouched by the outside world. There is only one pelican crossing, no cash machines, and the only “branded” services there are a Spar, a Shell Garage and a Best Western Hotel. Everything else are local businesses and craft shops, hell bent on parting with your hard earned cash.

Two areas stick out in my mind when I think of Betws: the village green and the bridge over the river. We parked just past the train station (which only local people know about, it’s awesome) and walked to the village green where me, Aled an Bonnie had a kickabout and posed for photos.



I was actually almost impressed with my football skills. Generally I’m a bit poo at football, but no, I seemed to do well. It was only a kickaround mind, with a smaller ball than my gorgeous T90, but still was mightily impressed. We worked up an appetite, so we headed to the chippy, and then onto the river bank.

The riverbank in Betws, if you have never seen it, is a work of sheer natural beauty. It is comprised of a number of craggy rocks that the water weaves through, producing very impressive rapids and tranquil rock pools. It is a massive climbing frame for little and big kids alike, and I am no different, though I didn’t make it to the island n the centre of the river due to the fact my trainers were brand new, I did manage to scale up and down some quite trecharous areas to take some phots.



Sorry for the poor picture quality on the last two, they were taken on my mobile phone, as opposed to the camera. Mum was looking after it whilst I was exploring. Don’t believe me, well have a gander at this….


After a while, we headed back to the car, and home. One of the best things about living here is that we’re not too far from places like Betws so we can drive there in around 20-30 minutes. We’ve beeen there at some random times of the year (they go all out with some fabulous decorations at Christmas), times where Betws is a very different town, peaceful but not depressing.

No blog post could be completed without a rude town name, so here’s todays: menin-y-coc.


I thank you.

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