July 21st, 2006
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Doctors, Golf and The Open Championship


I went to the doctors today, as mentioned yesterday. It was for a new patient medical (the fact that I’m living back in Colwyn Bay as opposed to Liverpool mean my GP is a fair way away, so I changed GP’s). I was a little scared to be honest, as – although I was discharged from the hospital – they filled me with no confidence “We’re going to discharge you, but if it ever happens again” was the gist of what they said. Luckily the nurse who did me today filled me with a little more confidence. “You’re losing weight” she began (and I was too, 4 kilos – 9 pounds in old money – in just over 3 weeks, dunno what women are moaning about, weight loss is a piece of piss) “drinking less and getting more exercise. Everything about you is fine. No diabetes, blood pressure fine, everything is okay. You don’t have AIDS too.”.

Reassuring to know.

“If it happens again, we’ll check you out, but – in my professional opinion – looking at you you seem okay, and I don’t think we’ll see you for a while.”

Get in.

So, after providing my sample (which had to be wrestled from bonnie as she thought it was a chew toy), walking down, appointment, bus up the hill and some lunch, I sat down for an afternoon of watching the The Open, which is in Hoylake, near to Liverpool. I wasn’t really paying too much attention to it (Tiger Woods just hit an amazing shot to grab an eagle), when the phone rang. It was a mate of mine asking me for a game of golf. He got inspired by the golf on the telly so fancied going to the Great Orme Municipal Pitch ‘n’ Putt, Llandudno. £4 for 9 holes. Bargain.

Dressed in attire that would make even Ian Poulter cringe, we headed out for a spot of Golf. Nothing hugely impressive, except for one shot on a 63 yard, par 3….


A HOLE IN PISSING ONE! How amazing is that? I never get holes in one. In fact, I’m pretty much crap at every single sport. But this is by far my greatest sporting achievement since 2nd in the Liverpool Trios. As it’s customary with people who get holes in one, I have to buy the rest of the party a drink. So, I’m off out tonight to the pub. Have a good weekend!

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