July 11th, 2006
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EX TV turns into HD TV


Because I was so busy watching the world cup world, blogging about the world cup final and – most importantly, designing humourous animated gifs about the world cup final and posting them on b3ta, I forgot to mention something quite dramatic that happened in the Wynne household. Three seconds after Cannavaro lifted the trophy, the televison exploded.

Well, not technically exploded, but made a bit of a noise, then went dead. It was the cheapest widescreen you could get from Tesco’s three years ago, and we’ve been having problems with buttons not working, sound not working, things like that for the past few years, so we were due a replacement. Cue massive arguement between my mum (“We NEED a replacement! You expect me to watch TV with buzzing in the background, and no picture?”) and my dad (“We’re FINE! We didn’t have any TV when I was growing up!”). If you know my family like I know my family, mum won, and – without my expert advice – she buggered off to Argos to get one.

Hate to say it, but she did well.


I’ll be honest, I was half expecting her to come back with a very big toaster, but no. It was a TV. Flat as well. The HD was just the icing on the cake. Admittedly, it was after the world cup, so HD Technology would be limited to Bargain Hunt and Malcolm in the Middle repeats, but by god – come South Africa 2010, I’ll be ready to see Craig Bellamy lift the World Cup after Wales hammer England in the final 24-0.

But I digress, we got a stand for the TV which looks all futuristic but is only available in flat pack form. The flat pack was very similar to my software – it takes four hours and three attempts to build it. Bloody instructions aren’t very clear. We finally got it up and switched it onto BBC HD.

One word for it…..oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh. Was very pretty. However, it was showing repeats of Hannibal, so I switched it onto Challenge.



I’ll be honest, I’m not to keen on the colour, it’s very “60′s Cheap Sci-Fi”. Nevertheless, you don’t really notice it when there’s something good on. Another bad thing is that I really now want an XBox 360, just to take advantage of the the HD-ness of it, and to play Street Fighter II on XBox Live.

Soon, this house will be my own personal bachelor pad.

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