July 31st, 2006
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Rolls Royce, Chavving it Up and Rhyswynne.co.uk


Sorry those effeminate types, but this post is about cars.

Like almost everybody on the planet with a Y chromosome, I love Top Gear. I find it’s politically incorrect boy humour a breath of fresh air on mid 00′s television. This year’s series came to an end this weekend with an excellent episode involving vans (which you can watch online thanks to the Beeb). There was only one thing I disagreed with.


Behold the Rolls Royce 100EX, the new Rolls Royce concept. I admit, my knowledge on the internal of cars are a bit poo, but just astetically it looks horrible. They showed some of the features, such as the aluminiium hood, a glass Spirit of Ecstasy, and a million lights in the ceiling. Richard Hammond and James May loved it, but Jeremy Clarkson didn’t. I agree with Clarkson, it’s a vile piece of enginerring. It’s a chavved up version of the Phantom. I’ve spoken to Han and my mate Tim (who graduated with a masters in Engineering and Design, so he knows what looks good and bad), who said it looks amazing. Myself and Guy disagree. What do you think?

In other news: rhyswynne.co.uk is progressing nicely, with lots of work done to it. It’s nowhere near ready yet (today and tomorrow I have been slacking on it). It’s looking pretty nifty, and I have been busy searching all my all my old sites for everything I’ve ever made. Maybe I’m being to ambitious, but this is going to be huge.

Finally, tickets for the cricket are still available. Saturday and Sunday Ian has first dibs on them, but if he doesn’t go then they will go to second dibs. Everything else is as you were. If you want to go, let me know.

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