July 19th, 2006
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Sweating Like….A man running in a chicken suit


Bleugh, it’s too hot. I know it’s traditional British to complain, instead of enjoying the weather. But it’s hard to concentrate in this weather. With the exception that it brings a whole new meaning to Tit Monday, this hot a weather is not pleasant. We’ve even got the worlds best air conditioning unit in work, but alas, it’s not perfect. I need ice cream, I need a holiday to the antartic, I need something to cool me down.

I’ve got tons to blog about too, but I can’t really be arsed. It’s just too hot to think, plus you guys are probably out enjoying the weather, and not going to read it.. So I’ll just moan about the Weather, as it’s been the hottest here in Wales ever in the history of the world. The hottest UK place is Gatwick Airport. Why are airports always so hot? It always seem that the hottest places in the UK are airports. Maybe it’s lulling visitors to the “usual” British summer into a false sense of security.

Right, I’m going to sit in the garden topless with a beer. I’m going to make the best of this weather.

Back in winter.

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