July 25th, 2006
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Technorati’s Latest Website Redesign and Rhyswynne.co.uk


I logged onto Technorati for the umpteenth time yesterday. I love Technorati, it’s awesome and – like newlywed Fern – I’d probably spend my last waking seconds checking my rank when I depart this mortal coil. Something about me wants to be top, though I know I never will be.

Anyway, as I was saying, I checked it yesterday, and lo and behold they have tarted it up something proper! Well, it looks different. Anyway, in my opinion, there are pros and cons. First the pros.

  • The Profiles look a lot cleaner now, instead of being all on top of each other.
  • The Blog profiles have a little more information on it. However, if you’re not in the top 100,000 Alexa sites, some of it is useless.
  • Favourites seem to have a more prominant spot. Favourites when you specifically say you like a blog, instead of linking to it. Technorati now have included a list of the most recent posts from your favourites on the home page, plus also handy importing tools. To take advantage of favourites, I’ve added a link at the bottom of each post, plus you can also click here to add me to your favourites.
  • Another nice idea that utilizes the favourites it the “Popular” links – this lists the top 100 blogs in terms of “most favoured” as opposed to “most linked”. I think it gives a better idea of which blogs are actually popular, as opposed to bloging services that appear in the top 100.
  • Finally, should you blog about certain subjects, there’s Discover, which looks at your tags to categorise your post. I have been getting a lot of traffic to my last post because I tagged football. Trouble with tagging? Well, you can use a tool such as Technorati Tag Generator – it’s awesome.
  • It isn’t all rosy – some problems do exist. Well, one is nothing I can do with, one is me being bitter, and one is a genuine problem.

  • The genuine problem is that it’s not as usable as the old site. Well, not in my opinion. Sure, it’s not terrible, but at times today I was tearing my hair out to find something. Maybe it’s just me. Let me know if you disagree with this statement.
  • My bitter gripe is with this page. There’s no Technorati Tag Generator! Okay, there is a Technorati Tag Generator, but it’s not mine. Boo!Well who said being a bitter yet arrogent Welshman doesn’t pay – my tag generator got added to the tools page. Yay!
  • Final gripe is with the discover page. With some classic America/rest of the world ambiguity. Have a look at the top two posts on the “Discover Football” section.


    Oh america, when will you learn.

    In other news, I’m now the proud owner of rhyswynne.co.uk! After a discussion earlier today about cybersquatting, I thought it would be best if I bought it, just in case I ever make it big. Question is, what can I put on it? I’m thinking a portal style site to pull together all my interests. This blog will be prominantly featured, but not overwhelmingly so. Any ideas chaps?

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