July 29th, 2006
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The eBay Challenge, Antique Tables and Pub Lunches


Juan Pablo made a comment a few days ago about the progress of the eBay Challenge, and an update on it. Well I’m still 2-0 up. I should of been more, but I bought Twisted Metal 2: World Tour (one of the best PS1 games ever. Bar none. Seriously, it’s THAT awesome) a few weeks ago. It’s a bugger to find, so I’m so happy to find it. Anyway, I included a letter with my cheque saying “do not leave generic feedback”. So what did he do?

EXCELLENT BUYER A++!!!!1111oneoneeleventy.

I shouldn’t whinge. He did actually send me the game before the cheque was cleared. Nevertheless, my desire to beat my mate (who I think has forgotten about it) has all but ebbed away. I need to get back in the game, but I have nothing to sell, and no money to buy things.

In other news, I survived the week with my mum being away! So did the dog! It would of been perfect week until last night, when – whilst ordering enough chinese to blind small children – a big globule of grease fell onto an antique dining table, staining it. We tried everything, Fairy Liquid, Cillit Bang, Everything. It wouldn’t budge. Big huge grease stain on this table. I was going to get a bollocking. This was made even worse that the dog started humping a pillow as she walked into the house. Oh. Shit.

Luckily neither my mum or my dad kicked off, in fact they’re taking me out for a meal. Though, as regular commenter Laura said to me on MSN, they’re probably going to get me lagered up and feed me with a surf ‘n’ turf until I’m physically incapable of discussing anything else except the greased up table.

Righty ho, I’m off for a few days designing a website for rhyswynne.co.uk. I’ll let you know when it’s done, so you can snoop around, though at the moment this blog isn’t my main focus. So don’t cry when you don’t see an update!

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