July 23rd, 2006
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The New MSN Messenger with Yahoo! Plus Pubs and itBoxes


This weekend has been nice, if uneventful. I did manage three trips to the alehouse. Friday night, which at one point had me lying face down on the floors in weatherspoons Colwyn Bay with a beer bottle in hand. Don’t worry, I wasn’t drunk, I was reaching the switch to switch the itbox off after it crashed when we won £2. They have two new games on it: A shite “Deal or No Deal” clone called “Take it or Leave It”, and a matchy colour game called “Monkey Business”, which I proceeded to win £4 off. Result! I also went Saturday lunchtime for a bit of lunch, and Saturday night we went to the Fynach. We sat outside watching the boats, and it was all tranquil and peaceful – until the person I was drinking with started going on about arses. Bless him.

I got an email from Microsoft advertising the beta program of MSN Messenger with Yahoo! (or something like that). Being a geek, I immediately signed upto it. Until I remembered I have no friends on my Yahoo Friends List. Well, I do – but I haven’t talken to katherine_the_seductress since she cyber cheated on me when I was 16. It still hurts. A lot.

So, in my lonely moments, I’ve been cyber talking to myself. Mainly with the strong, 22 year old MSN side of me mocking my sensitive virginial 16 year old Yahoo side.


This is why I shouldn’t be left on my own. To remedy this, add me to your MSN list: rhys_boy84@hotmail.com

Mum and Dad are going on holiday tomorrow to Folkstone – officially the oldest place in the World; so I’m officially man of the house. My mum’s being trying to domesticate me since she thinks I’ve forgotten “All you’ve learnt in your 4 years in Liverpool.* Sarah gave you a good home econimics education, and you’ve pissed it all away**”. Hell, I probably have. So, if by Friday I’m 3 stone underweight, resorted to cannibalism and marinating in my own feces, ring the authorities for me. Cheers. I’m not allowed a poker night too, on the account that “Poker scares the dog”.

* Her exact words.

** Not her exact words, but the jist of it.

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