July 5th, 2006
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When Doveth Cry


Last night I went to a quiz. Every Tuesday, a varying number of us gather together, have a few beers (or, in tonights case, not) and talk about stuff, and try our best to win. Usually we don’t, as often the “Regulars” win (the teams such as Anglers Den, Tetris or Just the Two of Us), the quizmaster smiles when the regulars win, it’s a conspiracy I say.

Anywho, this week, our esteemed quizmaster was absent, so in his place was this blonde girl (not wanting to say too much, but the questions began far too easy). The funniest thing was that she had a lisp, so that her s’s were pronounced as th’s. We only realised it when the first question was “In fashion, which accessory shaped like a cylinder is specifically designed to keep the wrists warm?”. This amused me greatly (even more so when the answer was “Muff”. Christ I’m so mature.). I managed to calm myself down from giggling until the very last question. The question was “Which musician in the 1980′s swapped his name for a symbol?”. With the lisp, it sounded like “Which musician in the 1980′s swapped his name for a thimble?”.

This got me thinking, mainly about Prince. Could you imagine the situtaion, if Prince went into a china shop looking for a thimble. I dunno why, he needs to do some sewing or something.

“Excuse me sir. I’m Prince, I am looking for a thimble.”"Sure, here you go, it’s a nice little one, with a picture of a little dog on it!”

“Great! That’s brill!* How much would it be?”


“Um……I’m sorry, I’m Prince, I don’t carry around any cash.”

“Well I accept cheques, visa, mastercard and names.”

“Great, you can have my name!”

“Oh okay, thanks for your purchase, have a nice day!”

I seriously need something worthwhile to blog about.

Anyway, I think we finished third. The Angler’s Den won.


* Bet you didn’t know that Prince uses words such as “brill!”, “cheers!” and “top bollocks” on a daily basis?

** I have no idea how much thimbles cost.

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