July 9th, 2006
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World Cup 2006 Final Notes – Le Pouquoi?


In an absorbing match – Italy beat France 5-3 on penalties after Extra Time finished 1-1. The game was very watchable, but it will forever be remembered as the night when Zinedine Zidane, one of the greatest players of a generation, headbutted Materazzi. Headbutted is an understatement. Remember the running headbutts that the Bushwhackers used to do? It was that. I was supporting France up until that point, as it would of been a well-deserved fairytale ending for a legend. However, after that, my alligience switched to Italy, and was actively supporting them.

Even then, I expected France to win, as Italy – like England – cannot win penalty shootouts. Until now. With 5 of the most perfect penalties ever struck, Italy win the World Cup.

Meh, I’m happy for them. I wasn’t holding out much hope when the tournament began – saying they were whiny cheating bastards – but their style of football has been a lot more positive than previous years. Cannavaro has made an excellent captain, and – due to the fact that Wales beat Italy less than four years ago, officially makes Wales the greatest team in the world, ever.

Come on, it makes more sense than the FIFA Rankings, doesn’t it?

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