July 6th, 2006
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World Cup Update: True Colours


With all my going into hospital and lisps and whatever, I have missed updates on this year’s World Cup. It’s approaching the end of the tournament now, and – with the final on Sunday, let me give my 2nd to last world cup update.

  • Firstly, some quarter final thoughts, and the Sweden vs. Germany quarter final was the first game I’ve ever watched using “HD Technology” to quote the advert. I admit, it was pretty. However: I imagine that – with BBC 1 going HD, that Bargain Hunt may not be as impressive as the footie.
  • Secondly, whilst I am de-fucking-lighted that England are out the world cup (I felt dirty cheering them, luckily the pain of losing in the sweepstakes in work wasn’t too bad), I do think that the whiny little piss artist to the right – Cristiano Ronaldo – is a cancer on the sport of football. Seriously. He whines, he cheats, he’s a dirty pretty boy who’s been brought up the wrong way. Luckily, there was an angel named Zidane who showed him a footballing lesson, though Wales play Portugal in a friendly later this year, and I hope Robbie Savage sorts him out good and proper.
  • The ideal final would be Germany vs. France from the last four, alas Italy ended Germany’s dream after the most interesting 0-0 draw (After 90 minutes) ever. So, now, I want France to win. It’s the lesser of two evils.
  • Finally, there has been a backlash against Ronaldo, both in the game last night (where he was booed out of the stadium) and on a poll, who are urging fans to vote some Ecuadorian the best Young Player in the tournament. Not one for fixing votes, put I am suprised by the poll. Why? Two words: Theo Walcott.


    How the hell did he get that many votes without playing a game. It’s a fix, I tell you.

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