July 17th, 2006
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World Firefox Day


Sit down with me for any length of time, you’ll know how much I love Firefox. It’s a beacon of free software goodness in a sea of crap. I even put up with it’s memory leaks, useless extensions (come on, why do you need forecast fox? Why?) and the whole fanboyism surrounding it. That’s probably because I’m a fanboy myself.

I’m fairly influential on people too, as all of my now ex housemates use Firefox, as did Sarah for a while (though she’s since traitored back to IE), I also assume that since all of my readers have a brain, they all use Firefox. But there is a reason that I hope one of you don’t.

September 15th is World Firefox Day, on this day there’d probably be a cake or something. Hell, I’d eat a cake or something. One of the features of the day is it’s the last day to get your name into Firefox 2. Basically, if I convince one person to download Firefox, I’d get my name into Firefox 2. How cool would that be? The only time I’ve ever had my name on a piece of software is through my software. Your name would be in it too, and will also go on the Mozilla “Virtual Wall”, to say you have been converted probably.

But I need somebody. This would make me a very very happy man. Anybody want to help me?

Failing that, there must be a way to scam it (which I’m not planning on doing). I just can’t imagine how many “Ben Dover”‘s and “Phil McKrackin”‘s there would be.

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