July 16th, 2006
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World In Reunion


First off, did I really piss off so many girls for that last post? I didn’t intend to, sorry! Women are awesome, what with all their jiggily bits.

Right, yesterday was a very nostalgic day because we had our school reunion. I’d be honest, was expecting a load more people, but in the end there was around 15 of us who showed up. Nevertheless, we started at half 4ish in Colwyn Bay Weatherspoons, me being a bit of a pansy I had two orange and passionfruit J2O and a very nice chicken wrap to begin with. At this point it was only really 8 of us – all lads – all talking about football mainly. We did do some reminiscing about school and retold stories that have been told over and over again. Was fun, and had quite a bit to drink.

We arrived in Llandudno at around 8:30 ish, the time of the reunion was due to begin. I was about 3 pints to the good and was beginning to get very loud (I don’t get obnoxious when drunk, but I get loud), almost getting chucked out after bitching to my mates about the bar staff being generally inept. I felt it was justified – I asked for a Pint of Carling to one barman and he interpreted it as a “Pint of Bacardi”. Why would I want a pint of Bacardi?

After about 6 pints to the good, we wanted a change of scenery, so we headed to Fountains, a poshish bar in Upper Mostyn street. More lager and more loutish behaviour. I injured my back whilst recreating a famous Soccer AM sketch with a mate, so sore this morning. We also got some half price tickets into Broadway – result! I was umming and ahhing about going to Broadway, so this swayed me into going.

Regular readers would know how much I detest Broadway – the only club in Llandudno which is by and large populated by under 25′s, but last night I had no such complaints. Somebody in the 3 months since I last went must of said “You know what, the ‘music’ we play is causing a lot of people here to spontaneously combust. Why not change it to something a little more rocky? Not too heavy, but a bit of Guns ‘n’ Roses, Queen. Hell, really confuse them with Pulp too! It’d be awesome.”. So, if anybody from Broadway is reading this, keep the music going, okay – some of my mates who are into their Dance ‘Music’ didn’t like it – the arguement being “How can you dance to this garbage” (the garbage in question was “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers), I retorted simply with “Well, there’s 250 people down there doing a pretty good job”.

Alas, the night wasn’t all good, there is still idiots who fester in Broadway. One of them was directly responsible with me not pulling. I was dancing with some girl – small thing, quite pretty – and her back was against my chest. Can’t think of the technical term for that sort of dancing, but you get the drift. Anyway, some little shit with a bald head and a Ben Sherman shirt shoulder barged me out of the way, and took my position! How cheeky! He was not her boyfriend as she just turned around and left at some point. It kind of put a downer on the whole night, and I couldn’t be arsed chasing her.

You know, maybe all the female comments were right yesterday: men can be such arseholes.

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