August 30th, 2006
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20ft Drop Slides and Drinking


You know yesterday I said that tonight was going to be Laser Quest? Well, it wasn’t, instead it was a giant adventure playground. Kinda a bit like Fun house, though you can’t win a mystery tour, or your very own bank account. And less Pat Sharp too. Part of the attraction were 2 20 foot drop slides, which were hugely entertaining (though I only went on one, it went into a ball pool).

zoobusWe nearly didn’t make it, we got a lift (we being the zoo members and ex-members of staff) on the Zoo minibus. We we’re drinking and laughing and joking when all of a sudden, the gearbox went on it. Luckily, we were not on the motorway, nor were we far from the place. So we walked the short distance to the place, wondering how they’re going to run the zoo tomorrow, what with no zoo bus, no zoo staff, and no zoo web designer. Luckily, we decided “fuck it, I spent £13 on this, lets go play!”

We were greeted at the front door by a girl who sounded like the female version of Glyn. She proceded to read through the rules with the kind of enthusiasm that minimum wage employs – “No going down the slide more than 2 at a time, keep your arms in, tuck your shirt in, no jumping, go down on your bum. We can’t be held responsible, etc. etc. etc.”.

Like all of them were going to happen.

Instead of going down the slides to begin with, I checked out everything else, and was generally running around, acting like a tit, and signing the Crystal Maze music. A lot of the apparatus was ruled redundant (the rope swings I could just jump across, for example). But nevertheless, it was all rather fun. I never realised though how unfit we all were. Kids are just so fit, after about 20 minutes I was out of breath, and I assure you I wasn’t the first.

The AA came and picked us up to take us home, so that wasn’t a problem. Still wouldn’t like to be in the office when the words “Um….I broke the minibus” is heard.

Better update tomorrow, I promise.

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