b3ta.com is one of my favourite sites out there, and it is the only newsletter that goes directly into my inbox. This friday’s newsletter introduced the “Pant Challenge” basically – how many simultaneous pairs of pants can be worn. They said 8 was physically impossible. I laughed in the face of physics, as I managed a massive 13 pairs, plus 1 pair of jeans.


Sure, it just looks like a pair of boxers, but no, I did manage to get proof. Have a gander at this photo.


13 pairs, count em! 13! Couple of observations though that need to be made:

  • Colour: It is important that you use clearly contrasting colours. Otherwise people may not believe you, and you have to stretch your pants out more.
  • Balance: It’s tricky to balance with tons of boxers on, so just don’t climb any stairs.
  • Blood Flow: With the sheer amount of elastic around your waist, blood flow is restricted. My legs went a little numb when taking off the boxers.
  • So the gauntlet has well and truly been laid down. Can anybody beat it? Alternative challenge for the Ladies – the record for bras is 7, won by a friend of mine who used enough fabric in those 7 bras to make an awning.

    In other news, I’ve a busy weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow is the second school reunion in Llandudno. I’ve been told to expect a “different crowd” to last time. I prepared for cutting my hair and buying some new jeans. I really went to town and thought that with my new look the Sexual Karma Fairy may take pity on me and help me out. That was until one of my mates said it “could be a real school reunion – ties, white shirts, the works.”. All in all, we could see the re-emergence of Minietta this weekend. Bet the filthy little minx can’t wait.

    As a kind of a knock-on effect, my participation in the North By North Wales Blogmeet has been labelled as a ‘Maybe’. Trains are dead bad on a Sunday, and I have been so busy I was kind of looking forward to a lie in. I’ll be honest, it completely slipped my mind when people started making plans around me. If I can make it for an hour or two, I will come. Guess I’m mentioning it not to feel guilty!

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