August 21st, 2006
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Blame Canada


Today I went for my first sandwich of the week in the sandwich shop. Sandwich Shop Girl was working, and I did a very sad and pathetic thing by making sure she served me, by using a “oh, I haven’t decided” until she came. To me that is. Lo and behold she seemed blissfully unaware at my quite pathetic attempts to speak to her, au contraire she actually said something that shocked me.

“I saw you in the Madoc on Saturday.”

I beg your pardon? Not a “Oh, were you in the Madoc on Saturday?” No, straight for the the throat.I had nothing to say to that, I wasn’t expecting it.

“Err…yes I was. Sorry I didn’t see you.”

“That’s okay! I was going to come over and say hi and introduce myself, but you seemed busy with that girl.”

“What girl? Oh, Canadian Girl! Don’t read anything into it. I only met her that night, she’d have buggered off back to Toronto by now.”

“Cool……do you want mayo?”

Good news! She’s over 18! A big plus point for me, as 17′s too young, it’s “refused from pub, can’t buy fireworks and unable to get a credit card” young. Though I’m a bit gutted that she said she would have* come over, though I think she was just saying it. Still, not like every day you meet a Canadian is it? Unless you live in Canada, I assume.

But it’s obviously a positive. I mean, she saw me in a pub where the smoke means that you have trouble seeing your own catteracts. And thought “ooh, there’s that blisteringly hot Welshman who buys sandwiches from us. I’ll make note of that should that, by speaking to Miss Canada, he contracts Canadaitis which grows two balls in his scrotum, and actually takes the trouble to ask me my name, so that I can at least yell out his name during our one night stand.”

Ahem. Yes. I still don’t know her name.

In other news, my shoes exploded today! No, I wasn’t on a plane, and the only damage done was to my socks, as it was pissing it down. Therefore, I bought some new ones. With the rather sexually dynamic phrase of “Dragon Power”. I took a photo of them, with my very sexually static-bordering-on-retarded face behind it.


Grrrr….baby yeah!


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