August 9th, 2006
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Blogging, ITV Dreams and Fantasy Football for Girls/Gays


A story that’s going around the blogosphere that’s causing a major stir is the story of prolific blogger Girl With a One Track Mind getting outed by a national newspaper, three days after her book: “Girl with a One-track Mind” was published. Bloggers have been unanimously supporting her, since being outed, and I do too. Nevertheless, I can’t help thinking that when it’s all said and done, she’ll be okay. I also can’t help thinking that newspapers (such as the Daily Mail), are scared about blogging. I’m not sure whether it was broken in the Daily Wail, but the fact that they are so backward and they think that change is not a good thing. First story I’ve seen in that paper about blogging, and pretty much every other one has mentioned it.

Anyway, I digress. the reason why I mention it is that my dad read the above story. Now, he’s a typical Daily Moan reader, and also he treats me like I’m a little younger than I am. We get on fine, don’t get me wrong. He knows I write on here, and has promoted it to various aunties and cousins on his side of the family. That being said, with the exception of a couple of especially selected amd edited (by my mum) stories – he hasn’t actually read my blog. He has no desire to learn how to use a computer, I’m not going to get a book deal, we’re at some sort of stalemate. I could be talking about…..Lesbian Seagulls for all he knows, and he would be none the wiser.

In any rate, he read the story about GWA1TM, and I was sat in the room at the time, watching something on the TV. He piped up.



“About your internet page?”


“What do you talk about?”

“Ummmm…..stuff. You know, things that I’m interested in, stories that have happened. Y’know, stuff.”

“Nothing blue.”

“No not really. I find it all a bit private, and wouldn’t share it with the world. Sure the odd joke which you wouldn’t find funny, but nothing really offensive.”


“Ah?”. What sort of reaction was that? It sounded like he was, dare I say it, disappointed. This was not good, as every child knows that the worst thing that a parent can say is “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed….”. I was preparing myself for a massive tirade against me, on how I shouldn’t write about rude stuff. He hates porn and all forms of it. Where was the preachy speech about blogging and talking about my personal life to complete strangers. Confused and more than a little concerned, I read the article, and found three words which eased my mind.

“six figure sum.”

Turns out, according to the paper, GWA1TM’s tales of knobbing earnt her a pretty penny. He was hoping that this crazy website I run was worth a few bob. I feel like I’ve let him down in the most peculiar way!

In other news: To try and drum up further intererest in the fantasy football league (especially amongst girls), I am running a competition in conjunction with the league. Idea was pinched from Fern, and basically the premise is “Whichever girl/man who knows nothing about football comes highest in the league due to the tactics of ‘funny name’ or ‘cutest bum’ will be known as a champiion”. Dawn is excluded, because she knows more about football than I do. For all you people who know nothing about football, this is the competition to make you feel less inadequate. Details on how to join are here.

Finally, does anybody analyse dreams? I had a wierd dream that ITV went bust, and it’s confusing me. Any ideas for what it’s about?

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