August 9th, 2006
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Cold Showers and Liverpool Champions League


Bah, what’s wrong with all of you? Less than a week that I posted that I was a bit down with my dating calamity, this – this – is what I’ve had to put up with within the last 24 hours.

Logging on at 8am to blog (seriously), and being greeted with Vicky talking about Japanese porn.

Fern talking about Morgan’s boobs and snogs.

Celeste talking about knobbing minor royalty/BBC Reality TV stars.

Guy wittering on about this girl he met in real life off myspace and used the “;)” a lot.

Closest that I got? A mate of mine talking about his Hypospadias* condition to me, with detail. And pictures.

All in all – in my semi drunken state, I am feeling fairly left out. STOP IT YOU LOT AND JOIN MY FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE!

In other news, I mostly spent tonight watching the match between Liverpool and Maccabi Haifa. Before I talk about the result, I just want to say: were Marc Gonzales (Liverpool new signing) and Chris Coleman (Hannah’s favourite football team – Fulham manager) separate at birth?


Liverpool went on to beat the Israel side 2-1. Hezbollah must be chuffed to bits.

* Men: google that word and wince.
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