Yesterday was another day of cricket, however instead of flogging tickets to Navy Guys, I gave my ticket away to Ian, who made the short 40 minute journey from Caernarfon to visit me and to watch some county cricket. There was still an outside bet that Glamorgan could catch Worcestershire, with a 500 odd runs needed to win the game.

Friday I lost my cricket virginity, and I told Ian to come prepared. He didn’t, luckily I did, risking a strip search by smuggling contraband into the ground.


We took ourseats in the temporary stand (and stand we did – seats were so uncomfortable), and I began taking snaps. Don’t worry, they weren’t not just of cricket (as there’s only so many you can take). We were sat near the cricket WAGs, of which both of them nattered throughout the game.


After a while, we got tired of piles, so we found a nice bench around the other end of the ground. This became our bench for the rest of the game. Lunch came, and Glamorgan were toppling quite specatularly. We walked across the pitch to get lunch, but posed for a photo first.


We went to get Fish and Chips and eat them on the promenade. It was there Ian saw the world’s campest seagull, and implored me to take a photograph of it.


Look at that cocked leg! It’s so camp!

As mentioned before, Ian didn’t bring any alcohol, so a quick trip to Spar meant he bought some strongbow. Ian was happy.


He also bought some sweets I haven’t seen in years: rainbow drops.


In the end, Glamorgan were bowled out for 191, losing by 311 runs to Worcestershire. This happened at around 3pm, so we went to a few pubs, before waving goodbye to Ian.

It was a fun day – the quality of the cricket was a lot better yesterday, and was nice having company. Today is the final day – a Pro40 match against Wawrickshire. One of my mates is planning on going too, and it should be a good day. The weather? Light drizzle.

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