August 28th, 2006
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Fruit Machines, Cars, Mobile Phones and Transfer Lists


First of all, I’d like to point out that I was successful in preventing both the fruit machine arriving and my mum finding out. The person suspected I was drunk!

Last night I went to the Pen-Y-Bryn with a few mates of mine to have a few beers. As nice as the Pen is, there are no itboxes so you have to, horror of horrors, speak to each other. Even the odd game of Hangman (which I lost, due to the fact that somebody threw a double bluff at me and said “We’re not allowed to use Colwyn Bay footballers”, then proceeding to use ex-Man U and Colwyn Bay centre midfielder Craig Lawton, grr) was not enough.Anyway, couple of interesting observations made.

First was the talk about the “pre-season” transfers (one of my mates has been in the US for the past few weeks, so missed all the gossip), and then we got talking about the Transfer List. When a player wants to leave a football club, or a player is no longer needed by a club, he’s put on a transfer list. I always thought it was just an expression, but I would like to be proved wrong. Is there, in existance, a transfer list. I don’t care if it’s full of Oxford United players, but I would like to see it. Paper based preferable, but web based would do.

Second point of note was something on Braniac a few weeks ago. Brainiac is an awesome science programme hosted by the best member of the Top Gear team (sorry Han), Richard Hammond, and Jon Tickle, a man who was both successful post Big Brother and not annoying. The experiment in question requires a remotely locked car, and a mobile phone. Apparently, if you were to get somebody to stand by the car with a mobile phone and call the person who has the remote locking device, they can sound it down the phone and it will work. I think a diagram is in order.


Apparently, it works. However, my parents can’t afford remote locking, so if anybody has a car with remote locking, two mobile phones and a friend you can trust with keys, could you try it to see if it works? Cheers.

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