So, after two days and selling a grand total of one ticket (to forementioned navy guy), I finally managed to get my arse down to Colwyn Bay cricket club to watch some of Glamorgan vs. Worcestershire. I was on my own, so took up seat in the stands first of all. I missed the start of play, and Worcestershire were in bat at 23-0. Before I settled down, I took a few shots, to test the camera. This was the best.


I then slowly moved around the ground, chasing somebody with what I thought was “Cocker” on his back. I took more pictures.


I finally caught up with Mr. Cocker, but I was to be disappointed.



It was a fairly uneventful morning session, with Glamorgan not taking any wickets, but Worcestershire not really imposing themselves on the game. At lunch they were hovering around the 80-0 mark (I can’t really remember). So I headed onto the pitch, which is quite an wierd thing to do in my opinion. Nevertheless, young and old went out onto the pitch to play a few games of cricket in the lunch interval.. Coming from football – where if you go on the pitch you are shot – it was a plesant suprise.


I was feeling peckish too, so I went to one of the trucks. This truck was for welsh lamb – which is tender and juicy and just fabulous. I had a welsh lamb burger – as far removed from the McDonalds processed garbage as you can get. It would of been an orgy in my mouth if they left it be. But no, they had to put mayonnaise on it….


Luckily, my pudding of a scone was a lot tastier.


After lunch, for about an hour and a half or so, it got exciting. Phil Jacques was Worcestershire’s opening batsman, and a player considered to be in the running for an Ashes call up. For a couple of overs he became a batsman possessed, knocking sixes left, right and centre. One of which smashed a window (third pane from the left).


Then there were 3 outs in fairly quick succession, two catches and a brilliant run out. Then as the 4th wicket seemed to settle in, it was back to slow run scoring before tea. I decided to call it a day, but before I did, I headed over to the Sky Sports News cameras. Boy you could get some fairly impressive shots there.


I also managed to get my ticket stub signed by two players on the way out! One is Ryan Watkins…..the other I have no idea, could be anybody.


For more detailed report on the match play, visit the BBC’s website. Tomorrow I go back again. But this time I have Ian, and I have alcohol. Should be an awesome days play, with Glamorgan run chasing. Though the weather for tomorrow: light drizzle.

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