August 16th, 2006
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itBoxes, Firefox Crop Circles and Football Stickers


Hi all, after a disappointing night in the quiz (for the team, was quite fun the quiz) I’m feeling a little bit worse for wear. I needed the pub, as I had a bit of a bad day yesterday. Don’t really want to go into the main reasons, but here are two of the more humourous reasons:-

  • Doing a website for a client, for some reason one page on the “employee’s profile” listed this girls occupation as “Chief Sex Inspector” as opposed to “Chief Tax Inspector”.
  • Saw Disabled Gay Foot Fetish Man. Saturday’s events and non-pulling have led me to believe the Sexual Karma Fairy doesn’t exist, so I had no trouble in ignoring him.

As such, today – we’re going to have some linky love as opposed to a decent entry.

This (from Fark) has become my new desktop. Years ago when I regularly visited the farm Dad owned, you did see crop circles around the place, and often wierd and wonderful designs. However, this I think is the greatest piece of firefox promotion ever. Even beating the Firefox for Prom Queen link Han posted, which had the excellent “the prom queen election officials informed us that web browsers, no matter how awesome they are, are not eligible for prom queen.” line in it. If Google are reading this take note: get your google earth satellites over to Oregon now!

This story grabbed my attenition on Fark (again! I will find another link whoring place). For those of you who don’t read the Sun (and I don’t blame you), the link goes to two Cambridge Graduates who – after finding a loophole in an itbox game and armed with a basic level of general knowledge – managed to take nearly £10000 (which is around $20000 in a weak currency) out of various machines over a long period of time. My mate Jay does something similar. He generally goes to Rhyl arcades (where stupid people hang out) and reguarly takes about £10 or £20 out a time. We used to go to JMU student union and do the same, because we’d get beaten quite badly if we played Liverpool University’s quiz machines, due to our superior intellect. Likewise, I also took out £4 of the quizzer last night, result!

Finally, thanks for all your ideas for what I should do with my football stickers (well, both of you anyway. Sayre’s answer sounds the most appealing though (even though I will have to take the stickers and stick them on some card – there’s no space for phone number/email on the back, and was thinking about it quite a lot in the pub. Then, when at the bar (at the time), I actually got chatting to the barmaids. I never do that! Okay, it’s not much of a start and will go nowhere, and I know that – after dating Sarah – that they usually be all nice and friendly, but I felt quite pleased of myself for doing that. I still want your ideas though, so send them in!

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