August 15th, 2006
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My Panini Premiership Sticker Update


Some of you may remember this post from a few weeks back. In it, I urged you to visit Mypanini and make a football sticker for “Gospel Rhys XI”. So far, only Han have committed to the team, but I’d like to get 11.

Anyway, that’s not the reason for this post. The reason is that through the website, you could also buy the stickers. Now, I said I wouldn’t, but unfortunately, I left the computer on with the window open and went out for a few beers. Long story converted into a picture form:-


These came through the post this morning.

Question is, what to do with them. Well, Han suggested that two of them could be used as prizes for the fantasy football, which is a fabulous idea and if it doesn’t convince you to join the league which starts on friday, then by god, I don’t know what will. That then leaves 8 stickers left, suggestions would be well appreciated.

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