August 8th, 2006
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Pimped up Mouse, Volkswagen Periods and Hezbollah


Hey all, first off, an apology. This entry would of been a video blog, but for some reason every single method of taking videos seemingly went tits up overnight. So, for those of you I spoke to last night to indicate something special with this entry. The closest you are going to get is an animated gif. I would of posted a video, I swear.

Right, what am I talking about? Well, after 2 years of sheer wear and tear, my poor sony mouse is due a much needed retirement. It was a laptop mouse that I actually found quite comfortable to use. Plus I could use tables/beds/other people/bonnie as mousemats, which kinda ruled. So, I packed it off into retirement, and scoured eBay a mouse that could live up to my expectations.

I found one, and – well…let the animated gif show you it’s beauty.

How fucking cool is that? Sure, it’s more expensive than a normal mouse (Guy said that they saw me coming), but it’s a conversation starter, should the moon be aligned with the Chrisanda Nebulous and I actually manage to get a girl back to my room. “Have a look at my mouse!” I shall say, then – dumb struck by the pretty lights, which show a sensitive caring side to me, she’ll have her knickers off, lickety split.

Probably not.

In other news. I was looking around at concept cars today (due to a discussion on b3ta, and came across this beauty from Volkswagen….


That IS a cool car, unlike the heap of shit Rolls Royce has produced. Only unfortunate thing is the name – The Volkswagen Beetle Ragster.

Ragster? Can you just see the advertising?!?! “The Volkswagen Beetle Ragster, perfect for women on the go blob.”. Should be white with red stripes instead, and be impossible to control 5 days a month.

Finally – as I lose half of my audience, I was watching the BBC News today, and there was a story about Hezbollah. Is it wrong to laugh at the fact that their missiles are called Flanj Raiders?

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