August 29th, 2006
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Pride of Wales – Colwyn Bay Football Club


Yesterday I went to the Colwyn Bay vs. Rossendale United in the Unibond League (only 7 promotions off the Premiership). I was alone, as my partner in crime Jason was at a wedding. Nevertheless, the new Colwyn Bay kit was due out, so I had to go along and buy one. I’m not usually this bad, with the only tops I have is a 3 year old Wales top and a Welsh Rugby top I got for my 21st. Nevertheless, I fancied getting a bay shirt as it’s something a bit different. Jay got the away shirt too, which I picked up for him also.


It’s a similar style to last year (which means that we can’t be the “Claret and Blue Army” for at least another year), but we have new sponsors: Boddingtons. It’s quite nice having a sponsor that most out of towners have heard of, rather than “Dave the Garage in Old Colwyn”. I never really bought a shirt before because it would have a company that I’d have to explain to people “Who are they? Oh, they’re the 9th biggest teacosy manufacturer in Wales!”, that and being poor, of course.

On top of that, Han duely noted that the sponsor logo was in the right pocket area of the shirt, rather than prominantly displayed in the centre, as is tradition with football shirts. Of course, Han (being Han) didn’t say that, she simply said “hehe, you’ve got Boddingtons on your boob”. At first I wasn’t sold on it – prefering the traditional placement of sponsorship in the centre. But the more and more I think about it, the better I think it is.

Onto the match, Colwyn Bay drew 1-1, we didn’t play at all well in the first half but we did pick our heads up when we dropped a goal behind. Maybe towards the end of the game we could of sneaked it, alas it wasn’t to be, as the referee, linesman and a pigeon being against us. Luckily it doesn’t make my shirt a “bad luck” shirt, so hopefully it will have some good luck in it as we entertain Osset Tow/Albion (don’t know which one, can’t be bothered looking) in the FA Cup on Saturday.

Tonight I’m off to Laser Quest, so that will be fun, wish me luck!

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