August 18th, 2006
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Sandwich Shop Staff, Sheddites and Students


Hi. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit recently, and not really explaining what I’ve been doing. So, to hopefully provide you with a bit of an update, here’s what’s been happening.

Well, work is continuing nicely. I passed my 3 month trial period and they’re keeping me on, which is good. First time ever I feel like I’m getting a bit of money behind me, and I don’t know what to do with it. I’d love to go on a holiday somewhere, but the original plan (which was to stay with Guy in Buckinghamshire for a few days) looks set to be breaking, what with Guy’s new job going swimmingly. It’s quite bad really, as work are asking me when am I going to take my first holiday. Truth is I have no idea.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Something has given me a bit of confidence. Maybe it’s the feeling of safe and regular (because I’m at home), but I seem to be quite chirpy recently. Even staying 15 minutes later in work. My mum isn’t happy with me at the moment though, with the fact she’s had to throw out sandwich fillings, which I usually eat. Tonight, she cornered me and asked me why. I gave her the honest answer.

“Oh, I just fancy the girl in the sandwich shop.”

It’s the problem wiith having a blog that everybody knows about – I can’t really talk about people that I fancy, as there are some who are reading this blog. Yes, you! As such, I can’t talk about “oh such and such is gorgeous”, because there’s a very real chance that Miss Such And Such will read it. But looking at Sandwich Shop Girl (SSG from now on in) has made me quite happy, which means I look forward to lunchtime even more so than normal. Anyway, I’m not sure if she likes me. I mean she’s begun to notice me when I walk in and always makes a point of asking how I am, and she makes damn fine sandwiches and gives me discounted muffins (though I think that they are just cheap). Apart from that, I know nothing – what her name is, her age, or what she’s into. I haven’t seen her around town or anything, but we shall see.

In more certain news Colwyn Bay kick off their season against Wakefield. It also marks my first Colwyn Bay game in nearly 4 years, and the first in Unibond Division 1 (we were in the Unibond Premier). On top of this, only two of the original Sheddites can make it, but if anybody can make it to Llanelian Road, Colwyn Bay on Saturday, come and join us in the Shed, and sing with us, and listen with intent as we bore you with stories of Shedites past – including the classic story between Colwyn Bay vs. Stafford Rangers, FA Trophy, Third Round, October 1999. Saturday, the we return – this time, we can get into the clubhouse.

Finally, congratulations to all of you who are reading this who got the results you wanted. Han ended up in Kent, and Aled got a A, B, C and U (I think, know he got a U in Chemistry). All cousins of A-Level age all got into their respective universities, and the hoohaa is over for another year. Not before the papers praise the students hard work on one hand, and then bitch about them being too easy on the other. Everybody did it in their own way, especially the Sun, who had these girls adorning the story about A Levels.

I don’t know their results, but by the look of it it looks like they got D’s.

I’ll leave now.

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