August 13th, 2006
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School Reunion and Chester Blogmeet


I’m afraid I told two porkies in my last entry. One promised “Minietta”, the other said that I wasn’t going to the blog meet in Chester (well, it was more of a maybe, but that was my nice way saying I wasn’t coming).

The school dress idea was knocked on the head pretty early on, so Minietta remained in the closet. Nevertheless, I arrived at the pub with Sibley at around 6ish, and we slowly made our way across the bar. It was good seeing him again – never really spoke to him as much as I liked at the last reunion, so it was good to sit with him for about an hour and a half talking about stuff, and generally catching up. In the end, there was 8 of us, and – whilst the company was fantastic – I had a cob on all night. Why, I’ve no idea, probably because Broadway was crap this time around, and I was lead to believe it was amazing. Sure, I’ve been in when it’s been crap before, but this time I felt cheated. As well as the company, the only other highlight was playing the Deal or No Deal fruit machine and fluking a £19 win. When the only blogworthy thing from a night out is playing on a fruit machine, it’s not good.

In the end, I left at around 1ish, and headed home with Sibley. About this time I was thinking “I’ll be in bed by 2, ooh I wonder if I can make that blogmeet thing?”

Fast forward to Sunday morning, about 10. I awake with slight – but not unmanageable – hangover. A quick bacon butty and I was good to go. I’m going to make go. Concocting a plan to justify my trip to Chester – I don’t think “I’m going to Chester to meet some random people I’ve never seen before!” would cut it – I told my mum “Me and Sibley are going to Chester for a bit” and Sibley “Me and my mum are going to Chester”. I pray to god that they don’t bump into each other in the street anytime soon.

Anyway, there was 4 of us (Andy, John and Jeane), and – whilst apprehensive to begin with – the conversation began flowing and a good time was had by all. I was a bit unsure about meeting people off the internet, and looked at today as testing the water. If 20 people turned up, then the chances that 20 of them were rabbit murders would be slim. Luckily, not only were Andy, John and Jeane not bunny killers, they also were nice people, and I’m looking forward to meeting more people off the internet, whereever you may be.

If you’re lucky, I’ll even turn up without a hangover.

Pictures to follow…

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