August 25th, 2006
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SSG Update, Myspace and The Sexual Karma Fairy


A little update on the Sandwich Shop GIrl Situation. I think I know her name!

I didn’t ask her her name, which shares it’s name with a capital city (clue in the picture). That would of been noble, manly, and something I wouldn’t do. Instead, I used my hearing and powers of deduction I overheard another customer saying her name. However, she did say it rather loud, which has gotten me paranoid. I reckon it was a plant, you see, to say try and catch me out.

Think about it, a little amount of googling for any Colwyn Bay resident brings up my page. Pretty much for the last week or so this blog has been nothing but her. She probably put two and two together, and asked her mate to set a trap for yours truly, so see if I’d blog about her. So as if to say “Aha! My name isn’t really a capital city, it’s is in fact Craig! You stalk me online! I’m going to get somebody to arrest you!”. Thus, scuppering my chances forever.

I know. I worry about me too.

Another romantic setback is that last night, I had a choice in my dream to have illicit relations with a well known TV presenter, or help my mum put the bin out. I chose helping my mum. Even in my dreams I can’t get laid.

Finally, it appears that everybody has a Myspace account these days, including certain faries. View. Add. Believe.

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