August 1st, 2006
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The GATR Fantasy Premiership Football League 2006/2007


The world cup is now a distant memory, who could forget England cocking it up again, Zidane’s headbutt and that Argenitne goal. Truly it was a fabulous summer of beer and football. What made it even more special was the excellent fantasy football league. Thanks to everybody who joined – but Ian ended up the winner, beating strong challenges from Tilesey and Dawn. I ended up decidedly mid-table, Sibley is “officially my best mate” and Vicky almost caught Mike, amazing when you consider she had a week handicap, and a week where half her players were either Japanese or South Korean. As it was so interesting, I’ve decided to do it all again.

The Gospel According To Rhys Fantasy Premiership Football League 2006/2007.

Yes! Take up valuable office time coming up with all sorts of wierd and wonderful teams. Will Emile Heskey shine now he’s away from Birmingham? Will demi-god Craig Bellamy finally realise his potential now he has half decent service at Liverpool? Will Shevchenko and Ballack perform in the premiership? What of Phil Neville? These are important questions you need to consider when picking your team.

Alas, it’s not with the Metro this time, but the official game at Don’t worry Metro fans, this game works very similarly to the Metro game we all knew and loved. I will also guide you through the menus to make sure you won’t come unstuck.

1. Step 1 – Registration

At the bottom of the big yellow box on the right of the screen is a link to Register. Click it. It’s pretty standard questions – but for some reason both the username and password need to be alphanumeric (I tried registering under rhyswynne, and they didn’t like it, but they liked rhysboy84). According to Dawn only the password has to be both letters and numbers, there must be two rhyswynne’s out there :S.

2. Step 2 – Team Setup


Again, those who played Metro will be familiar with this. Pick your kit colours, team name, and a few other basic bits and bobs that really are irrelevent, but quite nice. Click the bottom at the end to update it.

Step 3 – Team Selection


This separates the men from the boys, and is similar to the Metro, yet different. You select 15 players from all 20 teams in the Premiership. 2 Goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. The only other restrictions is that you spend a maximum of 100 points and no more than 3 players from each club.

Step 4 – Pick Your Subsitutes


You choose 4 of your players to be substitues. 1 of them has to be a goalkeeper. What this means that should any of your players not play, then one of your subs takes over. Similar to the world cup scoring, but now 4 subs instead of 1.

Step 5 – Join the league

On the sidebar down the right, click on Leagues, and in the “Join A Private League” textbox, enter 354804-59717

And then you’re in! You can make only one transfer per week, but should be interesting to see who does well, and who doesn’t do so well. As long as that mysterious bloody “La Resistance” doesn’t win again, I’m happy, and will dance about it in the forums.

Right, busy few days ahead, what with cricket and needing work, so I may not blog for a few days, but I’ll be around!

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