August 31st, 2006
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Toes, Drawers, and The Laws of Gravity


Yesterday morning, I woke up sore all over from yesterday, and a bit of a blocked nose. Not good. Due to the bank holiday, this was my Tuesday. Tuesdays are days that I generally don’t like, I’m either on a physical or emotional low. Nevertheless, I was hoping today would be different. I went to my jeans draw, which has put together been put together like a cheap knock-off of Ikea furniture. When removing said jeans from said draw, the front of the draw fell off, onto my foot. I proceeded to jump around like a over-stimulated kangaroo, and collapsed on my bed in agony. A few hours later, it had developed into this.


Not pretty is it? But by god those people into BDSM Foot Fetishists would be absoultely creaming themselves. I’m sure the Sexual Karma Fairy is taking notes.

Right, I’m off today to do one of my least favourite things: go to the dentist. Wish me luck.

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