September 28th, 2006
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BBC, Richard Hammond and a dull 24 hours


One obvious side effect to not being in university anymore is that I really don’t have time to do a number of interesting things. If this was 2 years ago, I would be pissed, or doing something remotely fun around the house, such as play Mario Party with friends, or Landing Cricket. These – these – is what student life is about. Not studying, not getting drunk and knobbing some bird named “Sheryll”. It is the time when you make your own entertainment is the best. Young padowan, you have much to learn.

Of course, living with your mum and dad in a house with a tiny crease, err, I mean landing means that the greatest ever game known to civilization has to be put on hold. Instead, you spend your days watching TV and surfing the internet, which (no disrespect to anybody I speak to online) has gotten really boring when one of your best mates is offline.

Guy’s great, me and him have disturbingly similar sense of humour (everything is funny) and we spend most of the day insulting each other. Him, and Sibley are my closest friends, and it sucks that I don’t see both of them nearly as much.

Anyway, Guy has problems with the internet in his house – he’s just moved in – so I don’t speak to him online too much, should he be on MSN he usually sends me links, and he sent me one today that was absolute genius. This video here contains the last time that Richard Hammond was in an induced sleep (what? He’s gonna be fine, we can make subtle jokes), and is well worth watching.

Sorry, this post is going to be a “look at what I’ve found on the internet!” post. Our second link today is this story on the BBC, curteosy of Fark. Basically, one line in the story grabbed my attention:-

“She said it was a “worrying trend” and was particularly prevalent in north-western cities such as Liverpool.”

Now, I lived in Liverpool for near enough 4 years, and not once did I encounter people selling alcohol on a takeaway menu. I even lived in the dodgy part of town that would sell alcohol on takeaway orders. I’m pissed off about this, thinking about all those times I did a food and a beer run. Liverpudlians, could you name some takeouts which do do this?

Finally, a little bit of news about me. I was on the BBC website for the third time ever! This time I was in the Magazine Section, in the Punorama. Those who think they’ve clicked on the Beeb enough today will rejoyce – I’ve taken a screenshot below for your viewing pleasure.



Right, I’m off to bed now, busy day tomorrow in work, followed by a curry night in the local weatherspoons with Sibley. Should be fun. Good times, and great memories will be had!

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