September 13th, 2006
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Colwyn Bay vs. Skelmsdale United….for free!


Last night the Mighty Seagulls played Skelmsdale United in a league match. What made this slightly more special was that this game was sponsored by the company I work for, which meant we got two complimentary tickets, food, drink and a complementary programmme. We arrived at around 7pm, got in. From this point on, the Colwyn Bay faithful referred to me as “The bloggy Guy”, “The guy with the blog” and other deriveratives.

Anyway, we were soon ushered in to the Private Corporate Suite, with the trophy cabinet and bits and pieces on the wall. Had a few discussions, which started off with the future of the clubs website (which we host), onto an area I have a strong (albeit very blind) opinion of – Colwyn Bay’s chances this season.

Gametime happened and we started brightly, going 2 – 0 up within the first few minutes or so. Two own goals as well. However, defending errors cost us dearly, and the match ended 3-3.

I’m beginning to worry about my shirt now. Three games played, and three draws. Thankfully the nipple chaffing has stopped (thanks to a good wash with fabric softener), but I’m not enjoying all these draws. I don’t want my shirt to be bad luck!

Update: I found the below on the Colwyn Bay Messageboard (big thanks to oldcolwynkev for this). It’s rubbish quality video, but this should hopefully give the scale of football at Colwyn Bay. Okay, it’s not by any means Premierleague, but by god, it’s good fun to watch and cheap too.

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