September 30th, 2006
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Curries, Good Times and Great Memories


On Thursday night, me and a few choice friends (okay, anybody who could make it) went to Llandudno for a curry. Sibley was due to go back to Bath the day after, so we piled into Sian’s car and headed for Llandudno. I also suprised everybody by taking a camera, and I caught Sibley unaware.


Hehe, he says I never blog about him enough. We then put the world bang to rights whilst drinking a hell of a lot of Cobra/Bitter/Coke and catching up. Also, Sibley took a picture of yours truly, with an unbeleivably cheesy grin. The cobra went straight to my head.


Beautiful. After a while the curries arrived. Since Weatherspoons took my precious chicken balti off the menu, I’ve had to make do with my second choice: Hot Chicken Ttikka Masala – 4 Chilli’s on the Weatherspoon Chilli Scale


Gorgeous. Weathspoons have a habit of sticking flags in the curry, because the staff are usually inept of telling the difference between them. At which point a flag fight began, which my poppadom suffered gravely.


Not good, not good at all. Though, I picked myself up after this violation of my poppadom and it was really, realy nice. It almost took my head off with it’s spiciness, which is rare for Weatherspoons curries, however it didn’t make me cry or my nose run like proper curries in a curry house. So all in all, I got a nice balance between taste and spice.

I went to order pudding, as well as a beer. The barman enlightened me with his knowledge of beer….

“You know, they don’t have Cobra Beers in India.”


“Yep, spent 6 months out there, couldn’t find one. And they don’t have Fosters in Australia.”

Now, Aussies, is this true? Can you not get The Amber Nectar in Prisonland? I find that hard to believe. Not wanting to be outdone, I offered my beer fact.

“You know, you also can’t get Corona in Mexico?”



With my head lowered, I returned to my seat, and had my pudding: The Chocolate Bomb! Chocolate covered Chocolate Ice Cream. Sigh, it’s going to go straight to my hips….



All in all, I had a good times. More pictures are on my Flickr Site.

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