September 3rd, 2006
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Euro 2008 Heartbreak, FA Cup Replays and IQ Tests


Yesterday was not a good day to be myself. The weekend officially began at 3pm, at Llanelian Road. Where the mighty seagulls entertained Osset Albion in the FA Cup first preliminary qualifying round (or something to that effect). Despite playing against a group of squirrels, we dominated against them in the first half, going one-nil up with a bullet header. We would have advanced if not for a penalty (which it blantantly was, though I think we were hoping for a repreieve with a card-shy referee). So, it finished 1-1, and we earn a lucrative away tie at Osset Albion on Wednesday. Fantastic.

Then the evening game, and the blue and white was switched to the lycra top of Wales, to cheer them on against the Czech Republic, our first game in the Euro 2008 qualifiers. We took it to them, one of the top teams in the world. We defended well for 75 minutes, frustrating them. Then a breakthrough for the Czechs. A typical sloppy goal. Toshack, to his eternal credit, swapped things around and brought on two strikers immediately. 86th minute, it paid off, with an own goal thanks to Cotteril being very, very dangerous. It was going to a much deserved point, when there was heartbreak. The ball looped in to the Welsh goal on 89 minutes. A few people cheered the fall of Wales. These people are cunts. Final score, Czechs 2, Wales 1. Utter dejection.

We switched pubs, to the classier Litten Tree, whereby Test the Nation was on. Now, I was planning on doing it online, and the fact that it was on annoyed me. I asked the barstaff to switch it off, but one (who I knew) said I was being “pathetic”. Yes mate, the fact that I wish to engage my brain in activities means that I don’t work behind a bar at 28, unlike your good self. So a lot of time was spent in the pub facing away from the screen and saying “LALALALALA, I’M NOT LISTENING!!!”, except when the brilliant Danny Wallace was on. Luckily, I only heard that one answer was “North”, so humourously 69 questions I didn’t know the answer to. I took the quiz this morning, hungover, and regular commenter Laura on MSN annoying me (okay, I was annoying her, either way she was a distraction). I got a hugely whopping Krypton Factor total of 142! That not only makes me eligable for Mensa (who, I’m sure I could redesign their website, it looks horrible) but I can also amuse myself by lifting small objects/animals using Telekenisis.

To take the test yourself, click here. It takes a while, but if you are brave enough, leave your results in the comments!

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