September 21st, 2006
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Sucks To Be Me….for a day


I’ll be honest, the last 24 hours was the most suckiest I’ve had in a long time.

It began at around 11am at work. Lo and behold, I started sweating again, just in my chair. Was a little frightened due to my history so booked myself an appointment with the docs, just to make 100% sure. The appointment was at 3, cue 4 hours of not being able to concentrate on my work, and getting all worked up. When I went to the docs though, they said that I was fine, and he had no problem in me coming in to recieve a checkup (he had heart palputations when he was my age, and he remembers that pyschologically it’s a terrible thing to deal with, as unless you’ve had it yourself, you don’t really understand mentally). He’s inviting me back for a ECG in a few days though, just to further keep my mind at rest. I went back to work a lot more relaxed.

He did also mention that probably what was making me ill is that I have an intollerance to orange juice. It’s genetic – my mum is the same – but unlike my mum I drink it in alarming qunatities every day. He said that it would work it’s way out of my system over the next few days if I stop drinking it. Largely through natural means, but I could throw up as well. With that in mind, I’m giving me until Saturday before heading off to Liverpool.

Then, at around 6pm, Bonnie’s ever-up tail dropped, and she started doing somethig with her tongue. It’s hard to describe, but imagine trying to scrape something off your tongue by using your top teeth. It’s probably easiest to describe it like that. Anyway, it was very scary, as the Bonz just felt cold and weak. This was literally in the space of about an hour. We went to the vet, just to get her checked out, and the vet diagnosed her as a potentially very serious condition that she swallowed a wasp. There was a large amount of swelling in her windpipe, and it could of closed up. Luckily, the vet gave her a couple of shots, and she seemed right as rain this evening. Ha, even as I write this she’s barking at the hoover.

I then – horror of horrors – I actually began to enjoy myself for the first time in about a week. My chess game improved (though I still haven’t won yet), until at around 11pm I read this article on the BBC. God it got me worried (though, thankfully, not about myself). That Hamster was the best! I went to bed fearing the worst (the condition was marked as “critical”), so that’s been playing on my mind last night. However, this morning it seems that his condition has been upgraded to “serious but stable”, which is an improvement. I hope he gets better though, for his family mainly. I swear to god though, If I become king of the world (and here’s hoping), I’m going to make a law that any death or serious injury to any person can only be announced between the hours of 9am and middday. That way, it doesn’t play on constant worriers such as myself.

All in all, yesterday pretty much sucked cock. Send me warm thoughts/pictures of gorgeous women to make me feel better!

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