September 8th, 2006
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Technorati Tag Generator, Web Design, and Forrest Gump


Abolsutely nothing, apparently.

I’m having a creative lull at the moment, actually that’s a lie. Creatively I’m worn out, as for the last few days I have been designing flyers and adverts in work. It’s thoroughly enjoying, don’t get me wrong, but it means when I get home, I usually just want to mindlessly blow up things on Team Fortress, rather than blog. Nothng has happened to inspire me to blolg. Really. Do you want to know what’s top of “things that have inspired me to post?.


Some dude sat down next to me on a public bench.

I know, it’s a public bench and everything, but there were benches free in the park (I was on my lunchbreak), and I always thought “take up a new bench, before sitting on an old one”. On top of this, he had a goatee, spiked up air, small sunglasses and a trenchcoat. He either looked German or like a Bond Villian. Either way, I was more than a little disconcerted. I got involved in a small battle of wits with him, before I surrendered, standing up, and walking pretty damn fast from our friend Gunther.

I suppose I’ll do what I always do when I get bored of this site – redesign it. Okay, I don’t fancy going through a complete redesign, but I do want to change a few things, most of all the navigation bar. I admit, it was thrown together, but it manages to be both ameteur looking and inefficient waste of space. I’d like to include some more links up there, including a direct link to my myspace account, and I’ve always liked Fern’s idea for my life online, so I may do something like that. Two features I definitely want to include (and need your help) are the following:-

  • Technorati Tag Generator Links: Scoot on over to my Technorati Profile and you’ll see a number of backlinks for Technorati Tag Generator. I’d like to include them in a page, sort of like a directory, to say thanks. Some blogs I have begun to read, such as this one. I don’t really want to sspend all my days inserting links, so would appreciate a perl script to do something similar. Any ideas?
  • F.A.Q. – I wouldn’t mind an FAQ, but there have been no frequently asked questions. So if you’ve got any questions, please let me know at, and I’ll answer them.
  • Right, I’d better get up to go to work.

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