September 23rd, 2006
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The Ryder Cup, Bowling and a Blogger Declaration of Love


Thanks to my mum’s acquisition of Sky Sports just over a week ago, we are able to watch a hell of a lot more sports. One of them is The Ryder Cup, which is Europe vs. America in a battle of golfing’s heavyweights. Led by everybody’s 9th favourite Welshman (Ian Woosnam) into battle, Europ have taken a 5-3 lead in a race to 14 points. I know it’s not over yet Yankees, but we look dangerous, and even Tiger Woods seems to look a bit dodgy, compared to Segio Garcia, Luke Donald and Darren Clarke. Of course (no pun indended), I am sure that none of you are interested, but I’ll continue.

Whenever there’s golf on the telly, the one thing I want to do is play golf. Yesterday was no exception. I was planning on going to Liverpool for a long weekend, instead I decided to take an extra day back home, and went with Sibley and Chris to Betws-yn-Rhos golf course. I’ve never been before, but a lot of my mates go. We paid £6 to play on the New Course, which had stunning views (apologies, but the camera is not brilliant on my phone).


Brillaint views, brilliant company. Shame my game wasn’t upto scratch. It was largely a par 4 course. Now, I started off rubbish, scoring a 7 and then a 12. However, I did have a hell of a run on 3 or 4 holes, managing to hole in 5′s. And then we got to hole 6.

I was scared at hole 6, as there was a lake between myself and the hole, meaning that my usual tactic of daisy cutting it wouldn’t work. I took my pitching wedge (the only club I can get lift on), and swang. Boy did I swing. I caught it perfectly, and the ball hit a ridge, which bounced it towards the green, almost holing in one! However, it didn’t stop, overshooting the green. I ended up with a 5. I finished on a 68. With my 12 being the only real disaster. Sibley said that – as a beginner – I played really well. However, no hole in 1 exploits again.

Afterwards, we went to the Wheatsheaf for ham butties and bitter. The Wheatsheaf in Betws-Yn-Rhos holds a special memory for our family as it was there, 25 years ago, that my mum met my dad. It holds an even more personal memory for me: I won £10 on the fruity there. Ding, dang do.

Right, today I’m off to Liverpool to bowl in a student vs. ex-student tournament. I haven’t been to Liverpool for about 2 and a half months, so lots of alcohol will be had, and I will have fun. A word of warning however.

In the last week I’ve acquired a couple of blogger’s mobile numbers. I’m using this as a public warning, as I know they’ll read this. When I get drunk, I usually text people football chants, or declarations of undying love. If you recieve a text from me after – say – 9pm. I will probably be drunk. Think of it as like a blogging watershed. A bloggershed, if you will.

Right, see you tomorrow!

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