September 12th, 2006
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Although yesterday was a worldwide day of morning, personally yesterday was very successful on a number of fronts. Two things made me happy.

Firstly was a phone call we got into the office from Colwyn Bay FC. I don’t know whether I’ve documented this or not, but the company I work for provides hosting now for the Colwyn Bay website. As a token of our appreciation, our company are Match Sponsor of tomorrow’s match vs. Skelmsdale. Basically, we get two free tickets, and a buffet in the boardroom at half time. There are a few other bits and pieces associated with it, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow immensely.

On top of that, the real big news is that I have booked myself a holiday. This is big for me, as I never do anything big like book a holiday. It’s only a short break though, in London for 4 nights, staying in a hotel/youth hostel for 4 nights. It seems a pretty nice hostel too, as it seems more like a university halls bar, with entertainment on every night, and activities that practically encourages you to mingle with your fellow stayees. It also has 24 hour internet access (very, very important), and a 3 hour long happy hour. Of course, I’m not going to stay in the hostel all the time, I am going to see the area (and maybe get my arse on the Eurostar and bugger off to France). I’m going on the 8th of November, and need ideas for things to do. So, blogosphere, inspire me!

The fact that I’ve booked a holiday has had me smiling like a loon with happiness. Can’t believe I’m going on one! It’s going to be awesome, even if it is in November. So – by grabbing life by the testicles and saying “fuck it, I’m going on holiday” – I’ve made myself really, really happy.

Then, I remember that before my holiday, I need to endure the dentist. Twice.

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