October 6th, 2006
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An Open Letter #2 and a New Toplist


Dear Sexual Karma Fairy,

First of all, I want to thank you for the joy you’ve brung me. Tonight, as you may know, I’m on a date. Not just any date, oh no. This date is the first one in a year I’ve actually want to go on. No disrespect to the nutty veggie in June, but she was a nutty veggie. For that, I’m very, very appreciative.

You’ve filled me with an emotion I haven’t felt in ages: giddy anticipation. Maybe it’s just me being blinded, but I really can’t see anything going wrong, short of being hit by a car. In the 7 short days I’ve been aware of this girl, we have got on seemingly like a house on fire. Even my percieved “worse case scenario” of – “lets be friends, we’ll just see how it goes”, would stil be great. Maybe it’s just because my social life is a bit poo at the moment, maybe it’s because since January I’ve not been able to get laid inside a women’s prison, but something has got me squeeing (as Apple Han would say). I even got jittery leg in anticipation – something not seen since that time I went to watch the WWE in Manchester.

I think the thing I’m most proud of, irrespective of the girl, is that you’ve given me the confidence to actually ask out a girl. She said yes too! That’s never happened before, as I’m usually too shy. First time I’ve actually grown a pair to ask out a girl, and it was actually incredibly painless.

Sexual Karma Fairy, you have – for a short time – made me feel positive, and I thank you.

But really, when I was walking down to work, did you really have to make me trip up, causing me to lose my balance, resulting in a minor groin strain? I’m in fucking agony!

Your Pal.

Rhys Wynne BSc. (Hons)

P.S. I have also created a toplist stie, and would appreciate you joining. Add your site and link code into your blog, and we can get a ranking (or, how mispronouncing Chinese people would say – “Wanking”) system, to see who really is the best blogger in the world ever. And don’t forget to join the forum! Will posted a hell of a good programme up there, but I’m not going to tell you what it is! You’ll have to visit the site to see it!

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