October 12th, 2006
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Euro 2008, Wales vs. Cyprus. England vs. Croatia


I feel I must owe my nation an apology.

As many of you know, I chose to watch Colwyn Bay instead of Wales on Saturday, and my post was less than complementary. Truth be told, I haven’t seen any of the highlights from that game, just the result. My post probably reflected this. Some people who did watch the game were complimentary, and it’s largely been echoed by a number of people saying “Give Toshack and Wales time, it’s a young side. There will be good days soon”.

Last night, was one of those good days

Wales dominated the first half, playing with passion and fire. Craig Bellamy looked unbelievably passionate and strong, Lewis Price did everything he asked for in goal, Koumas had a good game, Robinson was clinical, Davies played well. Everything just seem to get right. Our left back – Gareth Bale – is usually the talk of Wales games, because even at a young age he looks dangerous. He didn’t get a mention in most write ups. That’s not saying he played poorly, it’s just how strong everybody else played. We only conceded a goal when we got complacent. But there were so many positives from the game (including ex Bay boy Craig Morgan’s first cap for Wales – another strong performance), that we’ll ignore that. Sure, detractors say “it’s only Cyprus!”. Well, they beat Ireland on Saturday 5-2. And Ireland are not a bad team. It’s the Irish who we play next, so fingers crossed we get a good result. I doubt we will qualify for the Euros, but by god – being a Welsh football fan has once again made me happy.

The other thing that made me happy was another result. Okay, 2-0 was a fair result (the overpaid multimillionaires didn’t look like they wanted to be there), but it should of been only one goal in the game. Have a look at the second goal, and laugh.

Certain things in this life get funnier the more you see them. That video is one of them.

Right, I’m off to the dentist. Expect a blog post tomorrow consisting of nothing but ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

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