October 25th, 2006
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Firefox 2.0


So, today is when us normal people get our grubby mitts on Firefox 2.0. It was released at 0100 GMT, which means – like boxing matches, WWE PPV’s and World Cups in shitty part of the world that don’t care too much about football (some people exluded), we had to stay up late to install it.

Except I didn’t. In fact, I’ve been playing with it for a few days thank you very much Han and Life Hacker. Of course, if you were a member of the awesome forum, you too could of been playing with Firefox two days ago, like myself! But you weren’t. Tough poopies! You’ll have to join up so that whenever news breaks, you’ll hear it there first.

Anyway, what has changed? Well, the first thing that strikes you is the new tabbing method. Instead of an “X” on the far corner, each individual tab has an “X” on it. Sure, I had a plugin that did that, but it seems much better implemented, on the new chrome toolbars.

Apart from that, I didn’t really find many differences initially, but this is what I love about Firefox: to begin with, there aren’t many differences. However, give it time, and you’ll notice things which make you go “oh, cool!”. Han noticed the Spell Checker, I noticed the “Reopen Recent Tabs”, and the ease you can add search engines to the search bar (visit said search engine, click “add to search bar”, and you’re laughing). The manufacturers say “oh, it has amazing RSS and Phishing Pheatures”, though I rarely use an RSS reader and I don’t make time to go to Phishing sites.

Problems? Well, I don’t really like one of the features. It sounds okay in principle – the fact that should you shut down your browser unexpectedly (ie. ctrl+alt+del), then you can restart with all your old windows open. The problem exists that shutting down the PC with Firefox open (something I regularly do). As a result, the next time I open Firefox it re-opens all my old windows. Now, you may say that’s all well and good, but often I don’t like having the windows I have open at night the first thing in the morning, especially if the last thing I look at is b3ta.com, and it’s in the middle of the gayshift.

Late last night, I remembered something – that I subscribed to World Firefox Day by getting my mum to use it. One of the things that came with subscribing to World Firefox Day was to have your name in Release 2.0! I found out how to access the names….

Bollocks! It’s in alphabetical order….okay, I’ll have to wait.

Hehe….Sherman Dickman!

What? How gay is that? Why am I not in there?! Boo Firefox. Boo you Firefox! And boo the boat you sailed in on! You are lucky that IE is a big pile of donkey semen, otherwise I would of seriously considered switching!

Anyway, to get firefox 2.0, you can download it from this address. Do it now.

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